How Boundaries Give You More Time & Freedom

So often many of us give more of ourselves, to our detriment, without making the time to do the things that bring us joy— we are operating without boundaries. In this episode, you will be encouraged to create boundaries around areas within your life such as your time, wellness, and family to ultimately help your business to thrive and bring you more freedom. 

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Think about the boundaries that you need to create in your life and what are you willing to lose because of what you will gain.

Let us know in the comments what is one boundary that you need to create immediately?

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Episode 5: How Boundaries Give You More Time & Freedom
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2 thoughts on “Episode 5: How Boundaries Give You More Time & Freedom

    • February 19, 2020 at 1:45 pm

      Im new to the industry and I learned from my mentor/salon owner about early mornin appointments. 6am to be exact last one at 10am and gone by 12pm. I love them and so do ALOT of clients!


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