In this episode, we have special guest, Jekemia Griggs, the Owner of The DreadLady Loc Loft, sharing a bit of her journey from single-mom in nursing school to Salon Owner with a waiting list for appointments! Her story will empower you to question why it is so hard for us to accept help and imagine what success looks like when we get out of our own way.

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Jekemia Griggs, also known as The DreadLady, has been known for some of the sleek and trending styles within the loc community. Jekemia is the Owner/Operator of The DreadLady Loc Loft located in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is licensed in natural hair and has specialized in the industry of locs for 8yrs. Her work has been seen throughout Instagram, Pinterest, and Essence Magazine— just to name a few.

Connect With Jekemia:
Instagram: @TheDreadLady
Website: TheDreadLady.com

Mentioned in the episode:
Entrepreneurial Coaching: https://ownhers.com

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Episode 21: Why Is It A Challenge to Accept Help?
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