In this episode you will be encouraged to face your fears, get in front of the camera, and step in front of your brand with our special guest, Freda of The Loc Shop.

During the interview, Freda speaks on topics that we can all relate to including:

  • The impact that sharing consistent video content has made on her business 
  • How she overcame the lies we tell ourselves that prevent us from getting started 
  • How to personally manage a social media account when you have a team that doesn’t share the same aesthetic 
  • How self-care helps her to balance staying consistent with creating content for her salon  

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Connect with Freda Beyond the Chair:
Salon Website: The-LocShop.com
Instagram: @TheLocShop
Facebook: The Loc Shop Salon

And a few of the resources that were mentioned during the interview included:

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Episode 12: Get On Camera & Step In Front of Your Brand
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